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The Archer Mountain Earth Community situated in the Stanley River Valley is primarily a mountain habitat. Through deep listening and a contemplative stance the sacred in all of life is experienced and revealed.

The community offers 8 individual living spaces (which include 3 spaces for couples), available for private and group retreats and quiet reflection time.  Spiritual Companioning is available if requested.  The spaces include self-contained hermitages (Julian and Merton), The Guest House (4 bedroomed home – airconditioned) and The Glasshouse (2 bedroomed self-contained with kitchen (airconditioned)).  Seven of these rooms are air-conditioned.  Come and spend time away from the rush of daily life and reconnect with the beauty and life-giving presence of nature.  Stay a couple of nights or a week and enjoy space and a change in rhythm and pace.

Other facilities include a spacious BBQ area, a space for meditation and prayer (The Thomas Berry Sanctuary), a space for reading and art (Riverdale Centre) and a space for group work and reflection (The Potter’s House).

January 25 – February 29 The Archer Mountain Earth Community closed
March 8 Agape 
March 21 Autumn – Equinox 
April 9 - 12 Easter Reflection at The Archer – Peter Harney (spiritual mentor and experienced retreat facilitator) Beginning with the experience of the intimacy of deep friendship, symbolised in the breaking of bread and sharing the wine from a common cup, we enter the despair of betrayal and the mystery of death which is embodied in the trial, passion and crucifixion of the historical Jesus.  Thursday in the Jewish Calendar is the birthday of trees which we celebrate in this time of the devastation of the forests.  It is time to be still and present to the suffering of our planet’s earth community and enter the deep silence of the Earth’s womb throughout Saturday (Tomb Day).  This is a prelude to the radiance of the Easter morn when from the rags of embalmment new life is born, flaring forth into unexpected beginnings.  Please come and share this special time of resurrection with the Archer Mountain Earth Community.
May 10 Agape 
June 14 Agape 
June 21 Winter Solstice
July 12 Agape
August 1-5 (evening of 1st to after breakfast on the 5th)
A Contemplative Retreat - Elaine Smitha & Margie Abbott (Elaine is an experienced spiritual mentor and retreat facilitator & Margie RSM is experienced in offering retreats and is involved in the ministry of spirituality). This Retreat is an invitation to silence, awareness and grounded presence.  It offers us earth centred meditations and reflective sharing processes that enable us to listen deeply to ourselves, to Earth, to each other and become entwined with all that is.
August 9 Agape
September 13Agape 
September 17 A Retreat with Mary Oliver - Tony Hempenstall & Elaine Smith (both are experienced spiritual mentors and retreat facilitators).
Come spend these days in the Earth community of The Archer with Mary Oliver’s poetry, being attentive, participating, bowing down …Let each day be a doorway into silence, contemplation and the delight of full-bodied presence.
It is not hard to understand where God’s body is, it is
everywhere and everything; shore and vast fields of water, the accidental and the intended over here, over there. And I bow down participate and attentive….(MO)
September 23Spring Equinox
October 11 Agape
October 11-15(evening of 11th - after breakfast on the 15th)
Centering Prayer Retreat - Peter Harney & Tony Hempenstall
(both are experienced spiritual mentors and retreat facilitators) This retreat experience is an invitation to enter one’s inner room as Matthew 6.6 invites us to:
But when you pray, go into your inner room, shut your door, and pray to your Mother/ Father, who is unseen. And your Mother/ Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.
Space is created for silence, stillness and being present to each moment.  The journey into one’s centre is through the spiritual practice articulate by Thomas Keating based on the medieval mystical writings of the author of the ‘Cloud of Unknowing’.  The context of the movement inwards in grounded in the deep mystery of the Universe and the ever emerging beauty of the earth community of life. 
November 8  Agape
December 13 Agape
December 21 Summer Solstice
Dec 21 – Jan 3 Closed

Archer Mountain Community Agape Gatherings 

Agape is the gathering of the wider earth community of the Archer to share story, wisdom, walk the land, meditate and celebrate life’s joys and sorrows and the changes in season through creative rituals.  All are welcome to be part of this communal experience on the second Sunday of each month beginning with morning tea at 10am and concluding with a shared lunch at 12.30pm.

Agape Dates for 2020:

  • March 8
  • May 10
  • June 14
  • July 12
  • August 9
  • September 13
  • October 11
  • November 8
  • December 13

Suggested Donations for 2020

Private Retreat: $70/day self-catered
Directed Retreats: $90/day self-catered or $120/day catered
Guided Retreats: $90/day self-catered or $120 catered
Spiritual Direction/Accompaniment: $70/session

Donations are negotiable depending on individual circumstances.


Address: Archer Mountain Earth Community 68 Myleema Rd Mount Archer. Q. 4514
Phone: 0431258412
Payment may be made on arrival or beforehand by direct deposit to:
Account Name: Edmund Rice Brothers Oceania/Archer
BSB: 064000
Account Number: 13756563
Bank: Commonwealth Bank Australia
ABN: 90 187 840 202

Please advise Peter you have made the electronic payment.
All cheques need to be made out to: Edmund Rice Brothers Oceania/Archer

Unless otherwise stated prices are as listed on the Prices & Bookings page.

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