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Celtic Wisdom- Journey to the Heart

posted 28 Oct 2019, 02:20 by Peter Harney
The Archer Mountain Earth Community was delighted to welcome Deirdre Ni Chenneide to offer two experiences – October 19 a Celtic Retreat Celtic Wisdom – Crossing the Threshold Home and October 20 a concert A Celtic Journey of the Heart

The retreat explored the earth community from the perspective of Celtic wisdom.  Some memorable quotes were:

The breeze at Dawn has tales to tell you ..
Don’t go back to sleep. People are going back and forth across the doorsill, 
where the two worlds touch.  The door is round and open .
Don’t go back to sleep.                                       

The Celts do not build temples to their God because they believe that the Great God cannot be contained in a building.  They worship outdoors.

Though travel is slow on the journey,
you will move through its grey valley and come out 
again on the meadow where light, colour and promise await to embrace you.
The brightest moment is when the soul of 
absence gradually changes in to a well of presence.
“The heart opens to its new beginning, home 
To the source from which its first breath was borrowed.  
John O’Donoghue

Let us see…earth as an original monastery.
The creatures and trees as our spiritual teachers. 
The elements as are our spiritual directors.
The mountains and the flowers as our saints.
The seasons as our scripture text. 
The forests as the original cathedrals and mosques and 
Liturgy that arises from the original hymn of creation. 
Christine Valtners Paintner – The Souls Slow Ripening.

New Lands
At each new land
There is a cross,
A place to stop 
And scan direction.
It is here you will be tempted
To remain
The same old story
Of a self that was,
Cornered by its frame.

Take my hand little one,
Let you walk on the inside.
Saved from that.
Which blocks your journey
To this Good House of Hope        
d ni chinneide