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Rain – Make up your mind!

posted 7 Mar 2017, 17:09 by Christopher Gibbings   [ updated 8 Mar 2017, 16:13 by Peter Harney ]
Rain- make up your mind! You have been coming & going all day! 

I have to admit that too often I see you as an a darn inconvenience to my well laid out plans, a dampener on my mood, a downer on my great BBQ . 

But today I see you as blessing. You fall to earth in droplets, laughing through trees & leaves, gurgling and splashing down on rocks, creeks and drains. By afternoon I see you in a whole new light. The sun peeks through the clouds and I behold a treasure chest – a jewelled landscape as you glisten and sparkle like diamonds on every branch & blade of glass all the way down to the dam. 

You know you are a curious thing, Rain! What is it you are saying to me? if I could only listen a while… 

I am water and I play in the form of rain, vapour and ice. 

I provide snow to the polar caps and home to the polar bear, too! 

I swirl freely with frogs & fish through rivers and gullies and bubble forth with delight from fountains. 

I dance on mountain tops, forests and the odd tin roof. 

I lie in ponds and puddles waiting for children to jump & splash in me. 

I give abundantly and joyously to nourish planet earth till it becomes green with envy!!! 

If you can swim, it is because you once swam in me- in the great oceans. I make up 70 percent of the planet and your body too - You big drip!! I am your life-force.

So for once, throw caution aside - the wind will catch it, forget the barbie, feel my joy and dance to my rhythm in your heart.

Jim D’Arcy (on Earth Mystics Retreat)