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The theme for NAIDOC week this year is VOICE TREATY TRUTH.  As 2019 is being celebrated as the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages we are invited to celebrate and learn from the voice of the first peoples of Australia.

Voice, Treaty and Truth are three key elements to the reforms set out in the Uluru Statement from the Heart.  Specifically it addresses the need for a First Nations Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Constitution and a Makarrata Commission to supervise the treaty process and truth-telling. Makarrata is from the Yolngu people in Arnhem Land and refers to two parties coming together after struggle, healing the divisions of the past.

For more information visit: www.naidoc.org.au

World Environment Day June 5 2019 

The theme for World Environment Day this year is Air Pollution.  Some facts from the UN are:
• 92 per cent of people worldwide do not breathe clean air
 Air pollution costs the global economy $5 trillion every year in welfare costs
 Ground-level ozone pollution is expected to reduce staple crop yields by 26 per cent by 2030

Details about this years theme can be found on www.worldenvironmentday.global

Celebrate World Environment Day on at Rotary Park CottonTree Sunshine Coast on Sunday 2 June -  see www.wed.org.au


March 3 Clean Up Australia Day
March 21 International Day of Forests
March 30 Earth Hour
April 18 World Heritage Day
April 22 Earth Day
May 6 Beginning of Composting Awareness Week
May 12 World Migratory Bird Day
May 23 World Turtle Day
June 4 World Environment Day
June 8 World Oceans Day
July 29 National Tree Day
Sep 1 National Wattle Day
Sep 7 National Threatened Species Day
Oct 2 World Habitat Day
Oct 5 Ride to Work Day
Oct 22 Start of Backyard Bird Count Week
Nov 12 Start of National Recycling Week
Nov 21 World Fisheries Day
Dec 5 World Soil Day

National Reconciliation Week

May 26 is National Sorry Day and it begins the National Reconciliation Week which runs until June 3.  The week is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared history, cultures and achievements and to explore how each of us can join the national reconciliation effort.  Find out more information at www.reconciliation.org.au

Easter Eggs

Please consider the many children and adults who are working as slaves on cocoa plantations from which many chocolate manufacturers source their cocoa beans. Some chocolate is certified as slave-free.  Aldi supermarkets stock the best range, but you may find slave-free products in other supermarkets and stores.  Look for one of three certification labels – FairTrade, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ.  For more information, check out ACRATH’s resources at: https://acrath.org.au/take-action/slavery-free-easter-chocolate/
Save Our Marine Life

The Federal Government has released a plan to drastically cut back high level sanctuary protection equivalent to removing every second national park on land. The worst area affected is the Coral Sea.  Purse seine, longlining and mid-water trawling, which is the same method used by the super trawler, are all now allowed across the Coral Sea with a clear uninterrupted path from north to south. This is currently before the Senate.  For more information see www.marineconservation.org.au