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Stop Adani:  We all need to act now to stop Adani's coal mine from destroying the Great Barrier Reef! Find out more at the Australian Conservation Foundation and Getup.

The ultimate #StopAdani Day of Action guide can be found by clicking here.

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) runs from May 27 to June 3.  This year, we mark two important milestones in the journey of reconciliation – the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the 25th anniversary of the High Court of Australia’s recognition of native title in the Mabo case.  This year’s NRW theme is Let’s Take the Next Steps.  Why not make an effort to find out more about these important events and to celebrate them?  Go to:

Brisbane Refugee & Asylum Seeker Support (BRASS) Network is currently seeking donations to urgently boost the capacity of Queensland’s two legal aid clinics helping people seeking asylum to complete their protection claim forms.  Information about the appeal may be found at: https://keepthemsafe.raisely.com

Environment Day Festival is held at Maroochydore Memorial Park, Cotton Tree from10am - 5pm, Sunday 4 June, 2017.

More information at: https://www.facebook.com/worldenvironmentday

National Sorry Day & Reconciliation WeekNational Sorry Day is tomorrow, Friday 26 May, a day when Aboriginal families rememberthe Stolen Generations, the members of their families and communities who were taken away under Government policy which was in place for much of the 20th Century.  National Reconciliation Week begins on Saturday 27 May.  It marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum which recognised Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as citizens.  The week will run to Mabo Day on 3 June.  This year will mark the 25th anniversary of the landmark Mabo decision of the High Court. 

Report: Climate of the Nation 2017
The Climate Institute has released its latest edition of the country’s most comprehensive annual research into the attitudes of Australians to climate change and energy. Drawing on research based on a national attitudinal survey of 2,660 people, conducted by Galaxy, and eight focus groups conducted by Brand Central, taking in participants from Adelaide, greater western Sydney, Brisbane and greater Townsville, it shows Australians overwhelmingly want our country’s energy system to be powered by renewables because they see it as the ‘economically smart’ thing for Australia’s future. The report can be accessed here.
Petition: Raise Your Voice for Climate Justice
Are you frustrated with the Government’s lack of action on climate change and want to do something about it? Join the largest faith-based climate justice campaign in Australia, supported by the ACSJC, Caritas Australia, Catholic Earthcare, Pacific Calling Partnership and many other faith-based organisations. Until mid August we are gathering signatures for electorate-based ‘pen and paper’ petitions to the House of Representatives across Australia, calling for stronger climate action. Help create a powerful message for climate justice that our elected representatives cannot ignore! Find out how you can take part here
Call for a Global Voice on the Great Barrier Reef
In the lead up to the UNESCO World Heritage interim review of the Great Barrier Reef in early July, the Parish of St Joseph and St Anthony in Queensland’s Bracken Ridge is calling for a global voice in defence of the reef. Fr Gerry Hefferan draws on the Queensland Catholic Bishops 2004 Pastoral Letter on the Great Barrier Reef, when they said, ‘We are indebted to our Indigenous sisters and brothers for the lessons they have taught us in seeing things “otherwise”, in caring for the land and sea of this ancient continent.’ The Indigenous Reef Advisory Committee Statement of 2017 says, ‘We believe it is no longer a question of resilience but a desperate need for intervention. With deep respect, we call out to all global citizens and international story tellers … to walk with us on this journey of courage, to give back her dignity, by nursing her back to health.’. To find out more, visit here.