About Us


We the Archer Mountain Community of both lay and religious people are committed to living out of our own Christian tradition communion within this place, with each other and with the whole Earth community and to deepening the sense of the sacred in our lives. We choose a lifestyle where the silence of the earth and the sky invites us into contemplation of the Divine Mystery at the heart of creation.


The Archer Mountain Community is on 8.9 hectares at the foot of Mt Archer (aboriginal name: “Buruja” meaning “Edible Grub”) with views across the Stanley River Valley to the Conondale Ranges, Glasshouse Mountains and Kilcoy Hills.

The community offers 8 individual living spaces (which include 3 spaces for couples), available for private and group retreats and quiet reflection time. Spiritual Companioning may also be available. The spaces include self-contained hermitages (Julian and Merton), The Glasshouse (2 bedroomed self-contained with kitchen (airconditioned)). Seven of these rooms are air-conditioned. Come and spend time away from the rush of daily life and reconnect with the beauty and life-giving presence of nature. Stay a couple of nights or a week and enjoy space and a change in rhythm and pace.

Other facilities include a spacious BBQ area, a space for meditation and prayer (The Thomas Berry Sanctuary), a space for reading and art (Riverdale Centre) and a space for group work and reflection (The Potter’s House).