Christmas - Birthing and Rebirthing (The Way of the Universe)

Post date: Dec 14, 2018 2:26:53 AM

The final Agape for the Archer Mountain Earth Community (AMEC) was celebrated Sunday December 9th. The community reflected on the theme of ‘birthing and rebirthing’ which is at the very heart of the creative-life-force of the universe. The Christian Story of the begetting of a baby in humble circumstances, forced into exile as a refugee when only a few months old, resonates with what is happening to those who come seeking refuge from war torn countries to the safe haven of Australia. Yet those who reject and condemn them to suffering and poverty, claim to be followers of this very same baby, born 2000 years ago. Perhaps there will be a rebirthing this Christmas in the hearts of those who stand in judgment on these very vulnerable children and adults held in detention on Manus and Nauru and in many detention-centres across Australia. Hope for a change in attitude lies in the-way-of-the-universe and our earth which is ever emerging with never dreamed of expressions of hope and new life.

Our earth is a verdant habitat which provides the context for new life to evolve. It includes the non-human, the animals and plants, which exist because millennia of evolutionary effort has given them the right to exist. We are part of this earth community of ever blossoming life. Yet in the birthing process the vast majority of life forms did not and do not survive. As we look around today we witness the most tenacious and adaptable of life’s creations – the survivors of a long struggle. All our plants and animals are of enormous value as is every human being, no matter how humble and poor their circumstances.

May this Christmas birth the generous ‘light of compassion’ in the hearts of those who wield power in the earth community so that all who seek life will be given the opportunity (the habitat) to thrive. This radiant rainbow was brought to life over Myleema Road Mt Archer yesterday, celebrating the covenenat of new life among earth, rain and sky as they delight in one anothers beauty.

Happy Christmas from AMEC