Cosmic Heart of Drumming

Post date: Sep 10, 2018 12:41:39 PM

A group of 27 of the Archer Mountain Earth Community gathered Sunday 9th September in the Potter’s House to celebrate and connect with the cosmic heart of the universe. The group entered the space through a drumming experience led by members of the community. The drum is an expression of the inner evolving self and its rhythm is caught in our heartbeat pulsing in rhythm with the earth’s heart of the Archer. The drum sticks are the conduit to the heart strings of love that reverberate in each of us when we attune to our mother and beloved companion the earth.

The shared mediation was deep and quiet, followed by a profound sharing of the movements in the heart among those gathered.

A poem was shared…

I want to be a drum…sounding loud and long in the sweet darkness.

I want to sing with the world’s heartbeat

Just once and know it as my own…love singer