Dream Baby Dream

Post date: Nov 11, 2019 7:34:36 AM

Our November Agape was quite unique as Jules helped us explore our voices as a celebration of the universe and an experience of community. We had been reflecting on the Uluru Statement from the Heart in earlier Agapes and were very excited by the Spinifex Gum campaign for a ‘voice to parliament’ . Their rendition of Dream Baby Dream moved us greatly and although we hadn’t tried choir singing before we were all keen to join our voices to the campaign to support the aspirations of First Nation Peoples for a Voice enshrined in the Constitution. While our rendition for Dream Baby Dream is amateurish our passion to be in solidarity with First Nation People and our desire for reconciliation in Australia is strong and unending! We hope you enjoy our singing efforts and join your voice also with all seeking a First Nation Voice enshrined in the constitution. Check out the professionals on www.spinifexgum.com.