Easter Dawn – A Ray of Hope for These Times

Post date: Apr 22, 2019 3:48:25 AM

PH (on behalf of AMEC)

Easter morning sunrise at the Archer Mountain Earth Community. This was the breath -taking moment of resurrection experienced by the 11 members of the extended Archer Community who gathered at 5.30am on the deck of our hermitage - ‘Julian’. It was raining quite heavily with the whole Stanley Valley was covered in a sultry grey mist. We were listening quietly to Karl Jenkins magnificent Benedictus and as the choir sang ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’ the sun burst forth from the dense dark clouds and flooded the valley with Easter light. The earth was celebrating with us this moment of ‘glorious unexpected resurrection’ when the pain of loss and despair were transformed into a new way vision of love, beauty and light. Those who had walked in darkness now see a great light and hope is restored momentarily to our broken, struggling and crushed earth community.

We also celebrated the ritual of the New Year of the Trees on Holy Thursday, the plight of refugees, the homeless and earth justice on Good Friday, the deep silence needed for healing on Tomb Day and the real possibility of resurrection on Easter Sunday morning. The Mystery that beckons us to lean into the future, co-creates with us, a new way made possible through being attentive to our intuitions, our inner most dreams and desires and our creative-imagination. May this Easter be a time to attend to these movements of the creating Great Creative Spirit so that we may be courageous enough to speak truth to power wherever there is violation and abuse of basic rights and freedoms. This is the time to speak as we move to electing politicians who need to be attuned to the voices of the most vulnerable in the earth community.