From Easter Rising to the new life of trees

Post date: Apr 08, 2018 7:46:52 PM

Easter sunrise came suddenly. The sun, hidden by dark rain clouds, in an instant broke through with brilliant radiance to light the landscape with a flood of golden light. The Archer Mountain Earth Community, gathered at Julian Cabin overlooking the Stanley River valley, were awe struck at the sight. Their anticipation was heightened by the playing of the ‘Deer Cry’ and Irish ballad describing the coming of light of the Mystery that breaks forth each morn.

The following Saturday brought 21 friends of the Archer to plant trees. After being welcomed onto country by Tony Hempenstall they enjoyed the story of ‘The Man Who Planted Trees’. A simple elderly man planted tens of thousands of trees in the desolate mountains of France in the latter years of his life that changed a desert landscape into a forest where the ancient streams began to flow again. On the slope near the sanctuary over a 100 trees were planted each one with great care and attention in the spirit of the elderly Frenchman. Hand-planters were used to dig the holes; garden soil and tree-starter were mixed and placed in the hole before the sapling was planted. The Archer extended community will plant more trees next Saturday April 14th starting at 9.30am so all are welcome.

Come and enjoy a day giving back to creation some of what creation has given you.

PH on behalf of the Archer Mountain Earth Community (April 9)