Mangroves the Nursery of Life

Post date: Sep 11, 2017 9:40:49 PM

Sunday 10th September the Agape group of 18 gathered at 91 Tranquillity Drive Rothwell, the home of Mary and Darryl. After a warm welcome we were invited to walk with the words of Teilhard that it is love that is the creative energy force of the universe that inevitably draws us together. This force is the source of the relationship between the mangroves and the many species that breed in their roots and leaves. The wetlands are the nursery for billions of life forms including fish, crustaceans and plants. The TAO group spent Monday morning walking the reclaimed wetlands of Bulimba Creek that was a degraded landfill area created by the construction of a M1 freeway. A small group of informed citizens took on the corporate giants and government and created a world-class wetland catchment area. The eagles now next in the high towers of Ergon as the fish in the Oxbow creek are plentiful. The marine couch is thriving where once there was nothing but the wheel scars of 4Wheel drives. Eco-engineering has ensured the flushing of the salt water creeks in the area and the collection of fresh water through capturing the rain water from the freeway. The morning was a practical lesson in what a small dedicated group can achieve if they are prepared to work with the energies of the earth to restore habitat.