Meditating with Tildy

Post date: Mar 08, 2017 1:10:55 AM

At dawn Tildy trots to the meditation room.

A small bundle of tossed, white curls

ears, nose, tail —

signposts pointing to the sky.

Beverley Sweeney (on Meditation Retreat)

Music leads us.

We sink into our breath

deeper deeper

but some of us hear

the clitter of toenails

on the floor.

Finally called back

we blink, wriggle toes and fingers.

Tildy is curled on the mat

all liquid bones and fluff.

We gather our belongings,

slide open the door.

Coming Tildy?

Tildy cocks one ear.

Her eyes open in gentle reproach.

You lot go on, she seems to say,

I have hours more meditation

to get through this morning.

Like a conductor

she lifts her chin

looks towards our teacher.

Permission to begin.

She has her own chair.

We watch as she eyes it carefully,

leaps up, turns around once,

settles into the orange cushion.