October Fest

Post date: Oct 19, 2017 9:37:16 PM

The Archer had 150 mms of rain over the past week that filled the dam to overflowing. This is the first time in years that the dam has been full which augurs well for the gardens in the coming summer. The rain was accompanied by squally winds that one of the gun trees beside the tool shed. The canopy hit the shed but did not do any damage. The tree was removed and stacked for chipping. The chips will be used as mulch around our new trees with the infrastructure is being put in place in November.

Spring Cleaning Week was the second week in October resulting in the painting of the decks of the Glass House, guest House, Sanctuary, Merton and Julian. All blankets were washed and line sorted for the rooms. In the process we threw out some pillows and purchased some news ones. Thank you to Mary, Di and Paul for their assistance. The week ended with a celebration ‘Dancing Under the Stars’ which was brought alive by Jules, Katie, Monique and Anthony. The evening ended as ‘Singing in the Rain’ as the heavens opened and drenched the parched land of the Archer.

PH (19/10/2017)