Planting at the Archer

Post date: Oct 10, 2018 9:36:21 PM

The ‘Planting Day’ at the Archer Mountain Earth Community, Saturday October 6th saw 10 members of the extended community give 3 hours to engage in ‘no-dig’ planting. This involved cutting back the remains of the winter vegetable crop, covering each of the 5 raised gardens with a thin layer of newspaper, adding cow manure before making a layer of dark forest mulch. Then a cocktail of potting mix, homemade compost, a fertilizer and some garden soil were combined. Holes were dug in the prepared beds and this cocktail added before the seedling were gently planted.

It was a delightful morning of communal activity after 8 mms of rain fell the night before. As the 10 volunteers ate lunch a storm descended on the Archer and we had another 5.2 mms. Mother Earth was ensuring her newest children were going to thrive. Now we wait for the rich harvest which will be enjoyed in about 3 weeks.

Thanks to all who came and made the ‘Planting Day’ at the Archer such an enjoyable and enriching experience of living our mantra ‘work is love in action.’

PH (on behalf of the Archer Mountain Earth Community)