TAO EXPERIENCE 111 Mt Archer -Weeks 4 & 5

Post date: Sep 17, 2017 4:33:16 AM

The advice ” Take one day at a time” is well received at Mount Archer. Each week is well constructed by Tony Hempenstall, Valda Dickenson and Peter Harney, and needs full attention. The days continue to be book-ended with personal and communal quiet time, journaling and prayer. Each Friday we discuss Bruce Sanguin’s book: The Way of the Wind.

Excursions and guest presenters have assisted in engaging us in sensitivity to Land:

    • Excursion to Local bushlands and bio regions- Mount Mee State forest, to Walk the Land there, as a companion visitor;

    • Excursion to Bulimba Creek-Oxbow off the Brisbane river to see the rehabilitation and regeneration of wetlands through eco-engineering;

    • Genevieve Caffery RSM, and Phil Glendenning explored the Cry of the made-poor especially through advocacy and justice for refugees;

    • Chris Dalton, author of Terra Nullius to Beloved Companion, presented through poetry and art, a non-indigenous man’s perspective of the historical human experiences of the Land;

    • Phil Costigan, after years of experience at the Glass House Mountains and Mount Mee, shared his Principles of an Earth-based Spirituality.

On one evening we had a Pat Kelly tour of Viridian, after which we joined the Viridian Brothers’ community for a meal at Nudgee College courtesy of Brian Davis.

In conclusion, we are heading for an Integration week where we will try to bring together Chapter Calls, experiences and learnings of the Land, insights, principles and dreams that are gestating within.

Les Hetherton

Principles of an Earth Based Spirituality suggested by Phil Costigan:

    1. Listen to the wisdom of earth, acknowledging that an open, attentive and receptive attitude to the proactive revelation of the Sacred in the Cosmos/Earth is of first importance.

    2. Deepen your relationship with the Cosmos/Earth, understanding that a close bond with your own particular place is central.

    3. Acknowledge the Sacred in the interdependent web of life.

    4. Honour the Sacred in the web of life through rituals and holistic living.

    5. Live in the right relationships that this calls forth, recognising that ethical attitudes and behaviours spring from a belief in the intrinsic value of all species and from deep bonding with Earth.

Photos: 1: Phil Glendenning with Sean McManus and Les Hetherton; 2: A forest reflection 3: Crossing the wetlands on a rising tide at Bulimba Creek Oxbow. 4: Evening Prayer in the Cosmic Walk at The Archer with “Tildy” (Mechtilde).