The One Who Planted Trees

Post date: Apr 20, 2018 2:57:43 AM

Jean Giono, a journalist, tells a wonderful story of Eleard Bouffler who he met while walking in Haute-Provence, a desolate and arid area in France. This solitary peaceful shepherd having lost his wife and only son, planted thousands of trees and was able to release the hidden life of the earth that was lying waiting to be re-born. The ancient streams began to flow again and the region became a place of natural beauty enjoyed by many people from around the world.

The Archer Mountain Earth Community invited the extended community to come on two Saturdays in April to plant 400 trees. It was an ambitious exercise in transforming the seeming dormant earth of the Archer. The process of digging a hole in the soil of Earth, throwing in an handful of tree starter and then some garden-soil. Meanwhile the sapling trees were soaked in water and seasol liquid fertilizer before being planted. Around each tree newspaper was spread and covered with a layer of dark forest mulch. Like Elead Bouffler this small group of 33 achieved the seeming impossible - they planted 400 native trees.

In 5 years those who visit the Archer will walk through their very own native forest, filled with the song of native birds and the radiant colours of butterflies all enjoying the gift that this group of volunteers created when they dared to take time to plant trees.

PH on behalf of the Archer Mountain Earth Community (April 16, 2018)