The Rainbow of Hope

Post date: Mar 18, 2018 8:48:15 PM

The Rainbow of Hope

The rainbow over The Archer Mountain Earth Community appeared one evening last week reminding me that the ‘arc of creation’ means that we are all connected and will at some stage be joined into a complete spiral of love. Teilhard saw this through this study of geology and declared love is the hidden energy that joins and empowers the universe. The rainbow reminds us that this energy is not only creatively powerful but also very elegant and beautiful. Thank you to Georgina who took the photo.

The rainbow is a sign in many sacred texts of a mutually enhancing covenant between the divine energy of love and the visible world that is present to humanity. A covenant is also an agreement between diverse groups to live in harmony with one another and respect the diversity of difference that is integral to the health of all living systems. The acceptance of others who are different from ourselves is essential for our spiritual and physical health. When they express their opinion that is very different from ours we listen with respect and without judgment, become curious, and inquire how they have came to their expressed position. This gives us then an opportunity to tell a positive story about the way we now see the world and the particular issue respecting he others perspective.

This was the advice given to a group last Saturday at a gathering in South Brisbane that wanted to know more about how to support the rights and freedoms of People Seeking Asylum. It is through sharing the contribution people seeking asylum are making to the earth community, when they are given freedom to do so, that will change minds and hearts. To personally know a person seeking asylum is the beginning of touching into the love energy of our planet. This is the first step in the journey of providing support to those who suffer from trauma and exclusion. If action is the antidote to despair then perhaps it is time to take action.

PH (18/03/2018)